Friday, 9 March 2012

40k atlast..

So, i have finaly came to Warhammer 40k.
It's been a long way, you know. I am going to start playin 40k with an Orks army, the very starting force will be from Black Reach starter set and i will expand it as time goes and more fight are won (goin to make a story-like battle reports and all this background story about it).

Hope it will work, some pics incomming!

P.S. In case if you have any sugesstions about proper roster, go ahead and share you ideas with me.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

long time, no post, no info, nothing at all..

I am REALLY sorry that i've stoped posting anything and sharing any info with you. All 'couse of lack of time, motivation and actual material.. (i can be a very very VERY lazy person some times). But i have changed, at least that what i am trying to do, to change and to come back to warhammer, the real comeback this time, not this temporal or whatsoever.

I want to share with you an idea that i have came up with, the one that will force me not to slack anymore:
The idea is about to make a little force of an army like 2-3 regiment plus hero/lord (warriors of chaos army).
I will make a roster for like 500-800 points and play several games, will check how its goin and then will share some battle reports with you guys. But it won't be a standart battle report i will cover it in story. Battle after battle this little force will grow bigger and bigger to a mighty army (2500 points or even more). Every change of an army i will cover in story-like battle report or atleast will try to.

Hope you will like it and enjoy as i will!

P.S. there is some soem update pick inc quite soon and some info about my 40k project, so stay tuned and let the Gods of Chaos bless you all!!