Tuesday, 6 March 2012

long time, no post, no info, nothing at all..

I am REALLY sorry that i've stoped posting anything and sharing any info with you. All 'couse of lack of time, motivation and actual material.. (i can be a very very VERY lazy person some times). But i have changed, at least that what i am trying to do, to change and to come back to warhammer, the real comeback this time, not this temporal or whatsoever.

I want to share with you an idea that i have came up with, the one that will force me not to slack anymore:
The idea is about to make a little force of an army like 2-3 regiment plus hero/lord (warriors of chaos army).
I will make a roster for like 500-800 points and play several games, will check how its goin and then will share some battle reports with you guys. But it won't be a standart battle report i will cover it in story. Battle after battle this little force will grow bigger and bigger to a mighty army (2500 points or even more). Every change of an army i will cover in story-like battle report or atleast will try to.

Hope you will like it and enjoy as i will!

P.S. there is some soem update pick inc quite soon and some info about my 40k project, so stay tuned and let the Gods of Chaos bless you all!!

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