Thursday, 29 November 2012

Re-worked skin color (rest is WIP)

Green-skin here!
I know, that i've told you that i've made my choice about skin color but come on, you can't just stop looking for somthing better when you've already found something. While i've been surfing over the internet for my inspiration about future projects, i've found a very nice skin color and loved it.
I found it over here at WAR HEAD, they are a great guys and some time in the past i've been thinking of making my own studio as they did, but it didn't work.
Anyways, here it is, me new skin color for My Orks.
Group shot

Nob's mob Nob

Boyz's mob Nob
Regular boy_1

Regular boy_2

Yeps, that's right. I've fixed my skills in taking photos.


  1. Good stuff man! I think you really nailed it with the skin tone. Looks great on the Orks and makes all the bright colors stand out more. Great think for vivid contrast colors like your blue details.

    Keep it going!

    1. Thanks alot, hope you will like it more when it will be ready.