Friday, 13 September 2013


Good news, Everyone!

I've done my latest project, which was true-scale Space Marine. It dosen't have any markings for now, but as soon as i will figure out which chapter it will be i will show it right away. It was kinda tough project, i've been stragling with armour and re-painted it, but overall i am quite happy about how it went. Also i've tried new brushes "W&N Series 7" and can can asure you, that i love 'em.

I already have a new project in my head and this time it won't be just one model.. ;)


  1. Nice looking marine! I like the color of his armor; the red is really striking. The dagger on his back is awesome!

    1. Thank you.
      The more i am working with true-scale the more i give 'em personification like this dagger.
      Hope not to let you down with the next one.)