Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Howdy fellas!
As title says i've started to paint a miniature that i've been workin on for some time. It is a nice feeling to hold your brush and make strokes once again. Last time i've been painting was like.. a month or month and a half ago. Right before i started to paint i was in serch of what kind of colour scheme should i choose: the light one (as i lated WD) or the dark one (as they did in FW).
Light one seems to be a lot more easier to me: couple of grey highlightings and two more washes with green wash.
As of dark one.. kinda more complicated: paint mixing involved, shading, glazing and so on and so on..
Anyways, i've started to paint in scheme that suited me the most and here it is. Feel free to leave a comment or criticism.


  1. The colour scheme looks good. The eyes are particularly nice. The effect you achieved makes it look like they are glowing/glinting in the sunlight. This soft glow is so much more subtle and impressive then the overdone glow effects often seen on Space Marines, where half the helmet is washed out.

    1. Wow! Thanks mate.)
      I really like the glowing effect that you are talking about but not the one that cover whole helmet. :P
      Will try to speed ep a little and share some more pictures with you right before my vacation.
      So, stay tuned!

    2. I would love to see more! It is always good to push ones self before the year ends! Making it a year to remember!

    3. One more busy week for me, but i really do hope to share with you some more pictures during this weekend. ;-)