Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A little sidenote

I know it is kinda poppular nowadays but i really couldn't stend it to not to but it for myself. :P
It is a compressor and an airbrush, with cleaning pot and some other stuff.)


  1. Awesome! I am really tempted to get an airbrush for myself, but am uncertain what to buy, he he. They can get pretty expensive. And you still need the paint... But it might encourage me to start painting my models!

    1. I've got the very same problem as you are.))
      I have been strugling to make a decision how much should i pay for it, how soon i will be in a profit and so on.. but a friend of mine encouraged me to buy it no matter what (also, he've showed me an e-shop with lower prices than usual) and i did.
      The only thing that makes me sad is that i don't have much time to practice. ((
      But Hey! i've got an airbrush and it is already cool enough. ))
      Stay positive in your thoughts. ;-)

    2. Yeah, that is an important start! What type of compressor and air brush did you get? Have you gotten any paints, or do you have an idea of what you will use? I have heard great things about Minitaire paints. They are already prethinned and ready to use, and have a lot of colours similar to GW ones. Let me know how the airbrush is!

    3. As of an airbrush it is dual-action iwata, Hi-Line series HP-CH. I have read a lot of topic and blogs all over the internet and came to conclusion that this one is the right choice, no matter for the high price or profeccional look.
      Compressor is JAS 1202 without compulsory tank for air or what so ever. The pressure lose that will be needed i've achived by 3m hose.
      I've got some paints already and tried it aswel and they are just vallejo model and game color with a mix of Airbrush Thinner. I've tried to mix GW paints aswel and they've worked fine so far and the only problem that i've got is just 'couse of lack of practice but it is not that great of a problem.))

      Will try to post some pictures of mu airbrush work some time in the future, as soon as i will get more practice with it. :P