Monday, 5 May 2014

The Liebster Award

That was one hell of an unexpected thing that would've happen for my blogging. All credits go to AdamWier and his facinating work at Between the Bolter and Me.

11 Thruths:
  1. I don't have any special education in painting.
  2. I am 29 years old.
  3. I've barely played 20 games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and none in 40k
  4. I am strugling to make or paint enything recently, due to the lack of muse or motivation..
  5. In two or three years of me playing WoW i have had 325 days /played.
  6. I like pre-heresy and heresy "time" more that 40k.
  7. I like tea more than coffee.
  8. Pistachio ice-cream is for the living.
  9. Red aint making you move faster it's making you get in trouble faster than before.
  10. English isn't my native language.
  11. It is not over yet and i will post some work in near future. ))

11 Answers:
    1. Eisenhorn or Ravenor?
None of 'em.
    2. What is your favorite aspect of the miniature hobby?
Conversion and painting
   3. Will dread Cthulhu rise from his sunken city of R’lyeh?
At some time i hope he will not, but most of the time "HELL YES! As soon as possible".))
    4. Who is your favorite artist?
Da Vinci.
   5. If you are about to embark on a long drive with nothing to think about, what musical album would you want to listen to?
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons
    6. Have you ever played the cRPG: Planescape: Torment?
Hell yes! and it is one of the most awesome games EVER! :D
    7. Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine recently switched formats and is now weekly, thoughts?
   8. Is the Alpha Legion the Imperium’s doom or their salvation?
   9. Benchmade or Spyderco?
    10. What boardgame would you most like to play this weekend?
Zone Mortalis
    11. Who is your favorite sculptor?
Da Vinci.

11 Blogs:
11 Questions:
  1. Have you read full Heresy book series?
  2. What miniature you are most pround of? Painting/conversion wise.
  3. What inspire you most?
  4. 2+2*2= ?
  5. If you were in 40k universe, which side would you choose and why?
  6. Pub garden or trendy winebar?
  7. Your favourite race in 40k and or whfb?
  8. Where do you work?
  9. What is the attitude of your friends and family to your hobby?
  10. Have you ever considered giving up the hobby?
  11. What is your favorite miniature?

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