Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Year, same project. SoH_pip_2

Greetings everyone!

I know that it is kinda late but.. Marry Cristmas and Happy New Year everyone!))

First of all i am sorry that i haven't been posting for so long even thou i've promised it to you, but hey! i was on vacation and it was so much fun! Also my computer and ministures wasn't in reach for like a month or so.
Anyways i am back, once again, i know i know.. and i've bought you some pictures of SoH fella.
I've got some work for shoulderpads aswel
And i've tried my airbrush in action, it was hell lot of FUN i must say, even thou i haven't achived much.))

Stay tune and see you till next time (won't take that much time now ;-) ).


  1. Great to have you back! The marine is progressing really nicely. The highlighting on his shoulder guards looks fantastic, really striking and vibrant! Does he have a thigh-holster for a pistol? If so, great idea and very nicely executed (every marine should have a sidearm!).

    Look forward to the next update!

    1. Thank you! Will do my best to post some more pip shots soon.)
      And yes, it is a thigh-holster for a pistol. I have the very same feeling as you do, every marine should have a side arm! ))

    2. I hope this guy is coming along well (or is finished!), I miss your brand of Space Marines (few make such effective truescale marines).

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